A child coach provides that little extra support your child needs to get back on track



Do you have the feeling that your child is not completely happy at the moment? Is your child prone to bouts of anger or periods of sadness, or is he or she not sleeping well? Does your child find it difficult to make friends, or to stick up for himself/herself? Or does he/she perhaps lack self-confidence?

Putting your finger on the exact problem can sometimes be tricky, but when your child is not happy in himself/herself, you notice. Knowing what you can do to remedy the situation is then another matter. In such cases, a little support in the form of child coaching can be beneficial. Your child can then get back on track and will know how to cope with his/her problem. Not every problem can be solved immediately, but I provide children with the practical tools they need to allow them to find their way forward. Often children do actually know what they need in order to move forward or in order to deal with the problem, albeit subconsciously. In my role as a child coach, I help children to discover the wisdom they have inside themselves.

When can child coaching be beneficial? Below is a list of some of the situations in which a child coach can provide support:

  • Fear of failure
  • Not feeling happy in oneself
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Problems with social skills / in making friends
  • Bullying – for both victims and perpetrators
  • Dealing with changes within the family (divorce / loss or bereavement / moving house)
  • Other day-to-day obstacles

During the coaching sessions, I teach your child new skills through play, allowing the child to discover their own strengths and positive attributes. I do this through taking a solution-oriented approach: instead of dwelling on the problem itself, I work with the child on what he or she wants to learn.

I think it is important that children feel that they are in a safe environment when visiting me, and that they can trust me, so I take the time to allow children to feel comfortable with me before we really start work.