Parent coaching to get you back on track 

During parent coaching or parenting support sessions, we look at where your strengths lie and at what makes you a good parent. Bringing up children is not always the easiest of tasks. As a parent, you want things to go well for your child and you do all you can to make sure that your child leads a happy life. It can therefore be distressing to see your child struggling and not be able to help. You do, of course, want to help, but somehow nothing seems to work.

  • You want to understand your child and offer him or her support
  • You notice that there are sometimes problems when you interact with your child, or when he/she interacts with you
  • You feel disempowered and this makes it difficult for you to act as a parent
  • You are very close to your child and letting him or her go is an issue (for you or for your child)
  • You and your partner have differing views or there is tension where the parenting of your child is concerned

It can sometimes be difficult to work out how you can best help your child to find a solution to a problem. You don’t understand why your child is expressing himself/herself or acting in a particular way. Or perhaps you even blame yourself for not being able to stay calm, for example.

If something affects you, this says something about you as a person. Something within you has been affected. If you learn to see and listen to your child in a different way, you can then start to look for what you need. During the coaching sessions, we explore why we react and behave the way we do in our role as a parent. Parent coaching leads you to new insights, allowing for positive development. After all, a child interacts with its parent, and if there is a change in you, this often leads to a change in the behaviour exhibited by the child.

Parent coaching can also help partners to grow closer in terms of how they are bringing up their child, which is something that can often be a source of much conflict or tension. Any improvement will also have an impact on the child. Talking to an independent person can often be a good thing. It can help you to reach agreement on what you both find important in parenting your child.

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