First meeting and intake session

The first step in every child coaching plan is an intake. I will email you a questionnaire that you will need to return to me at least three days before the intake session is due to take place. This will allow me to prepare properly for our appointment.

The intake session allows us to meet in person and takes place at the practice, in your home, or at a different location if you prefer. Your child is not present during the intake session. You will be given ample time to explain where the problems lie for you as a parent / parents. We will go through the information you have provided on the intake form together and discuss what kind of support may be needed for your child. What your child needs will always be the focus of the actual coaching sessions.

If I think that I am not the right person to help your child, I will always tell you and, if necessary, refer you to other organisations that will be able to provide the support required. I also think that it is important that the child’s parent(s) feels/feel completely comfortable with me as a coach. If this is not the case, please do not hesitate to say so. I will then be happy to help you find an alternative professional.

The coaching sessions

Each session lasts an hour.

Depending on what the situation is, I will either work with your child alone or with a parent or carer in attendance. If you are present, this will allow you to offer your child help and support outside of the sessions too. During the intake session, we will discuss and agree on what the best approach will be for your child, but your child will also have the opportunity to indicate what he/she prefers too.

For the sessions, I select working methods that match your child’s interests and that are also appropriate in terms of the problems in question. The methods may involve play, creativity, or movement, for instance. I take a solution-oriented approach, which means that I concentrate on the child’s strengths and positive attributes. He or she can then use these as aids when dealing with the difficult situation he or she faces.

The coaching sessions are held in my practice. Alternatively, they can take place at your child’s school. You will need to make the necessary arrangements with the school yourself if this is your preferred option.

The coaching plan will cover a short period of time, and will generally consist of three to seven sessions in total.

Intake € 79(75min)
Coaching session € 69 (60 min)
Schoolobservation/meeting with teacher € 69

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